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IT Risk &
Compliance Summit
14th May 2020 | ITC Maratha, Mumbai


Harnessing the power of Governance, Risk and Compliance

About the Event

Detect - Protect - Prevent

Today, the role of IT compliance and risk management continues to grow as the data sharing and information storage started impacting human resources, finance and all operations of any organization which are dependent on IT services entirely. The goal of IT compliance and risk management is to design such a technical and strategic framework which can provide a medium to attain company’s legal and ethical integrity. However, creating such framework is also a challenge as the compliance regulations do not come with a concrete roadmap. Apart from this, the employees are not educated about these regulations and risk management tools and technologies which is a hurdle in ensuring IT Risk management and compliance.

IT Compliance & Risk Summit 2020 will equip the senior leaders with new tools and technologies to bring their businesses up to the Corporate Governance Standards and to gain knowledge about GRC and its applications, risk management regulatory reporting issues and IT audit related activities.

This summit is the right opportunity to learn about current trends of IT Risk and Compliance as well as gaining knowledge about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and successful implementation of latest GRC solutions.

Featured Speakers

Irshad Saifi, Group Head - IT, Havells India Limited
Irshad Saifi
Group Head – IT
Havells India Limited
Mukesh Jain, CTO – Insights & Data India, Capgemini
Mukesh Jain
CTO – Insights & Data India
Pranav Paranjpe, Deputy CISO, Mahindra Finance
Pranav Paranjpe
Deputy CISO
Mahindra Finance
Satish Kumar Dwibhashi, SVP and CISO, Wimbo
Satish Kumar Dwibhashi
Dilip Panjwani, CISO, Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd
Dilip Panjwani
Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd
Shailendra Kothavale, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Aditya Birla
Shailendra Kothavale
Chief Risk and Compliance Officer
Aditya Birla
Rajani Kant Pathak, Associate VP - Information Security, SBI Life
Rajani Kant Pathak
Associate VP - Information Security
SBI Life
Harshad Mengle, CISO, Future Group
Harshad Mengle
Future Group
Pravin Kumar, Director - Global Head of Assurance (Tech, Cyber and Data), Barclays
Pravin Kumar
Director- Global Head of Assurance (Tech, Cyber and Data)
Hariharan Iyer, Group CIO, Raymond Limited
Hariharan Iyer
Group CIO
Raymond Limited
Priyank Kothari, Head Of Information Security, Risk and Compliance, Tesco
Priyank Kothari
Head of Information Security, Risk and Compliance
Vijay Thakral, Associate Director - Risk Management - Internal Audit, Flipkart
Vijay Thakral
Associate Director - Risk Management - Internal Audit
Tejasvi Addagada, Deputy Vice President - Heading Data Management & Governance, Data Protection Officer, Axis Bank
Tejasvi Addagada
Deputy Vice President - Heading Data Management & Governance, Data Protection Officer
Axis Bank

Key themes to be adressed:

  • Preparing for compliance with General Data Protection Regulation

  • Redefining IT Compliance and Risk in the age of AI & Automation

  • Technology and Compliance – Both complement each other

  • Government’s initiatives in creating the right framework for IT Compliance and Risk management

  • Building a workplace where risk awareness is consistent & constant

  • Future of IT Risk and Compliance – Establishing a fit-for-purpose risk system

  • GRC – Using the right framework to deal with IT Compliance and risk management
  • Tech enhanced compliance and risk management training

  • Role of IOT in IT Risk Management and compliance

  • Importance of IT Audits in the age of digitalization

  • Applications of right tools and technologies for IT Risk Management

  • Role of CROs in developing ‘ Threat Models for better understanding of IT Risk and Compliance”

  • Creating Risk and Compliance knowledge – A step towards IT Risk Management and ensuring IT Compliance

  • Upgrading your tools and technologies – Preparing for IT Compliance and Risk Management



  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • IT Compliance Officers
  • VP/Director/Head of GRC
  • VP/Director/Head of IT Compliance
  • Head of IT Audit
  • Head – Risk Management
why to attend


  • Let’s hear it from the Experts who are proven business leaders, strategists in IT Risk Management and Compliance.
  • Learn about the best practices and applications of GRC and GDPR to ensure IT Risk management and Compliance.
  • Learn how to evaluate, deploy, use, and customize GRC solutions to improve business processes and addressing compliance issues.
  • Learn and discuss the latest trends and challenges of IT Risk and Compliance with senior level industry experts.
  • Build your network with the best leaders of the industry who are experts in IT Risk and Compliance
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  • Showcase thought-leadership by showing your target market who you are, what you do, and why they should get to know you
  • Chance to renew longstanding connections with existing clients and initiate new business with potential clients
  • Position your brand which ensures that your event presence and brand make a lasting impression on clients , prospects and partners.
  • Engage and connect with delegates before, during, or after the event through a wide range of digital and onsite messaging opportunities.
  • Take the stage and educate your audience on how your company technology can drive their business forward.